Investing a little can change a lot. We are commited to rejuvinating OUR neighborhoods one building at a time.
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Let's Build Stronger
And Safer Communities

For years we have watched our communities deteriorate due to the flight of jobs and businesses. Now its time to unite to rebuild our economy! No donations, handouts or charity! Let's begin to show others that united we profit!
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How We Deploy Capital

During our 5 year campaign we plan to deploy $100 million into our underserved
communities specifically in the following areas

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Ecomomic Empowerment

The introduction of Equity Crowdfunding to the US economy offers an economic empowerment opportunity never seen before. Business owners are now able to not only raise investment funds from everyday citizens but most importantly, that money can now be raised from the people within the communities those businesses serve. Using ECF as an economic development tool is a strategy and not a side effect.

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Urban Redevelopment

The shuttered real estate in communities throughout the Chicagoland area offers enormous opportunities to invest and redevelop our communities while providing jobs for local workers both skilled and unskilled. Native Sons has developed a sustainable strategy to raise over $100 Million over the next 5 years, creating jobs, homeownership and investment opportunities along the way.

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About us


The best ideas from our brightest minds can now be brought to life in this new environment. As leaders in the equity crowdfunding space, we will help local entrepreneurs and existing business owners grow viable and sustainable business models. Whether we are helping you harness the power of ECF or acting as a financial partner, supporting innovation is our passion and we are positioned to help you succeed.

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